Friday, 19 April 2013

What a great Day!

Yesterday was horrible. The worst day since February. 
I was so weak, I had to use both crutches to be able to walk about 250 meter when I had to buy some cat´s food.
Lots of pain to. Frustrating a bit.

BUT: today is just great! I was able to do some stuff for university (finally) AND i could walk 500 meter entirely without crutches! 
I haven´t been able to do that for some time now, so that´s an relief.

I am on a good way now, the paralysis of my left leg is getting better every other day. And that is something i really have hoped for. Those really worse days are quite frustrating, okay, but they are getting fewer every week. I just have to clench my teeth just a little longer and rely on the good days.

What still annoys me the most is that nasty little thing called Fatigue which goes hand by hand with amyasthenia :(
It´is bugging me the most during or directly after an episode and lasts about 3 month. (which is the case right now)

There is a theory that the reason therefor is: that the brain needs all the energy one have for a day to repair or try to repair some of the damaged brain cells, so that no energy is left for the rest of me.
That´s a really consoling thought. I am telling myself that having a bad day means my chances to be able to walk normally again is raising.

This day isn´t over now and  I am a bit exhausted because of all the things I was capable of doing, so I will spend the rest of the day with my little Projects.

Do you want to see what I am going to work on today?

First thing is my Blue Cardigan Project:
Back Side

I got the Cardigan about 8 Years ago and when it started to look not so pretty anymore, I crocheted some flowers and sew them onto. 
I Loved it and wore it a lot (again) BUT saddly about 3 month ago I made some kind of washing mistake and the formerly white flowers got grey so that the whole thing started to look quite shabby.

Back in Detail

So I finally decided that the Flowers have to go and I will make new one. First I wanted to do the same Blossoms again but in the end I went for something new:

Daisies! (Because I really love Daisies since I was a Kid)

Ready one at the left side, in Progress on the right side
You can find a lot of different daisy pattern on the internet, i got mine from (as a free Ravelry download). If you are a member of Ravelry, here is the pattern.

I already made a lot of them in the past days and I even did the *weaving in* from almost all the Flowers. That´s one big surprise (because I so don´t like this part of the progress)

Guess which one aree the old :)
I haven´t removed all of the old Flowers, just those three you can see above, to show you how dirty the old one look compared to the new :)

The second Project I am actually working on: a new Bag!

I chose a cheap worsted (10ply) yarn in ecru. 

I really like the looks of it :)

Here is the pattern in detail 
First I have thought about doing some self - invented pattern, but there are so many nice already out there in the World Wide Web :)

I found this little treasure around a month ago: A free Online Book with 262 Chrochet Pattern in it! They are not written out, but charts with a picture.

The finished bag will have Strawberries attached to the front, because:
I already made a *Strawberry - Princess - Cardigan*!

I love Strawberries!
I know the Cardigan may look a bit childish to some, but I love it and it really suits me! 
For me it looks a lot like Spring/Summer :)
After this years long and dark Winter i really needed Spring to come. 

I got the ecru Cardigan at an Estate-hopping.  
When someone dies there is sometimes a lot of stuff the family don´t want to keep or the deceased had no relatives. Instead of throwing away, an estate-hopping is hosted.  
If you want to attend you have to pay 10 Euro and you can take as many things as you want! I got a lot of fine cloth, crochet magazines, wine glasses,.. Others even got a couch or a cupboard!

I know there are people who think its morbid to take things from someone who died, but i think all the stuff was bought and loved from that person, isn´t it nicer when someone else take it and love it henceforth instead of litter it? 
And its eco! (and I am a person who really cares about that)

Back to the Cardigan :) I shortend the sleeves and crocheted  the Strawberries. (everything red and green is made by myself)

Part of the front

I wonder if someone wants me to upload the Strawberry Pattern I made for the Cardigan?

The Bag I am working on now is intended to fit this Waistcoat :)

Have a great day too and thanks for stopping by!

- Cherry -

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