Monday, 8 April 2013

Weekends are made for Projects!

This Weekend i did some Crochet (again). 

First i had to decide whether to finish one of the Projects i already started in the last few weeks or start something new.  So i browsed through my unfinished things but nothing really catched my interest (i often start with something and then it´s laying around for some weeks until i touch it again).

Here are some of the started, yet unready Projects:

Crocheted little Teapots and Cups
I have already made 10 of these in different colours to sew onto the hem of a simple black skirt i once bought on a Fleamarket for 1 Euro.  I am a huge Alice in Wonderland fan since i was a kid and therefore it´s no surprise i had the crazy little tea party in mind when i made those. The Pattern i found through
I need to do the *sewing in* part of all the yarn endings, block them and sew them onto the skirt. (but when?)

Crocheted Edging

I did a hand full of those ruffled Edgings in Pink, Yellow and Purple in different sizes. They are meant to decorate my Mom´s Homemade Jam Jars and other jars like the big one for sugar you can see in the picture above. The pattern is made up by myself.
And here (again) i skipped the *sewing in* part :)

Simple Flower Embroidery
Because i don´t own an embroidery loop yet i "invented" one, made of an old tupperware box and an elastic strap i already had at home :)
As you can see above i tried myself in stitching some flowers on an old black sweater. Not nearly done yet. (unfortunately)

Spring Wrath
You may noticed there is a lot of Pink in my Projects.
I would like to say its a temporary mood but i have to admit it´s a life lasting love i got there :) (yes, this girl´s got a great princess complex!)

I started doing some kind of Pink Spring Wrath for my front door. The frame is made of attached leftover stripes of some IKEA fabric onto paperboard. Then i already started to glue crocheted flowers onto the frame but i ran out of selfmade flowers and instead grabbing the crochet hook i put the wrath into my "unfinished" box :(

But, as mentioned above, instead of finally finish one of those, i started a new Project (bad me!):
I will move into a new appartment soon and thought by myself of how i want my new home to look alike:
So here are my brand new *Heart Shaped Coasters*!

I crocheted six of them, perfect to place a cup or glas on it. It took my some time to think the pattern up but once this completed the crocheting part didn´t take much time. The yarn is really cheap polyacrylic i bought some time ago (worsted) 

So what have you been up to last Weekend?

- Cherry -

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  1. These are so cute! You are so creative! Thanks for sharing at Much Ado About Monday!

  2. I need to learn how to do this? Put it on my bucket list. Thanks for linking up.
    Can't wait to see that skirt someday. :D

    1. Thank you for your comment! I already thought about if i should write the pattern down or doing some kind of tutorial :) I will try to finish the skirt this month!

  3. Wow so pretty! I love crocheting...but I done it for over a year. This motivates me to get back to it. :)

  4. You have made beautiful projects. I like all of them.